Use of flowable composites in the cervical substance's loss due to various factors.

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Causes of tooth wear :

  • Mechanical causes ( friction and wear ) : the rubbing of the teeth between them ( known as burxism) and / or rubbing of other materials against the dental surface (eg, abrasive foods) causes the loss of tooth substance;

  • Chemical causes (erosion ) : the action of acidic substances causes the loss of tooth substance: is typical of patients who suffer from frequent vomiting (eg, bulimic patients ) , because the hydrochloric acid of the stomach is poured into the mouth. It is also common in people who eat, frequently, lemons and oranges (the citric acid content in these foods is the cause erosion) ;

  • " Abfraction " : In some cases there is the loss of tooth substance at the neck of the teeth. The causes are unknown . According to the most reliable theories, the guilty factors are the occlusion forces that cause a decline in the tooth at the collar, so that the erosion of the enamel occurs in this area.

Case reports.

Came under our observation the patient P.F. , 16 years old, with cervical wear and tear on the 11th (upper right central incisor) .

The patient, in history , said she brushes her teeth horizontally, especially the upper incisors; she's also a fierce drinker of fizzy drinks and likes to "suck" lemon wedges several times a day .

Therefore, we can attribute various co-factors to the cervical's wearing, caused by an incorrect teeth brushing.

Materials and methods .

  • Flowable “Fill Dent Flow” composite;

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  • Preparation highly conservative completely in the glaze ;

  • Dry for 1 minute ;

  • Drying mild;

  • Applying primer ;

  • Bonding : light curing for 30 seconds ;

  • Application of silicone gel to oxygen inhibition : LED light curing for 60 seconds ;

  • Polishing with :

  • Flame grit diamond bur mounted on a thin red ring multiplier with irrigation;

  • Milling of Arkansas at low speed with irrigation;

  • Soflex discs for polishing grits ;

  • Goat hair with pumice for final polishing.

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Veneering of the 11th (upper right central incisor).

The final result.

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Upper right central incisor was just completed.

The 21th will be treated soon after for educational purposes .


Having identified the causes cervical abrasion , we recommend the patient to use a proper brushing technique , drastically reduce soda and lemon drinks.

The reconstruction begins under magnification and dam with a careful and very conservative preparation.

The composite fluid proved to be very handy , having an optimum smoothness and a very good aesthetics .